Saturday, February 21, 2009

Twenty one seconds, what’s in twenty-one seconds?

O not much…

Only the best things in life:

The first sounds of a newly born baby, that fundamental part of life. When Grandpa; Get’s his first hug from his grandchildren. The first time a grandchild chooses to be comforted by Grandpa, because the tears are too big to take to Mom or Dad.

Twenty-one seconds can bring all of this and more.

A call from your children to see if all is OK.

A driveway cleared of snow in the early morning hours.

A decision to have the grass cut and trimmed, because it’s too hard for the old bodies, which have changed over time to continue with the yard work.

So many “twenty-one seconds” in my life, my heart finds joy in each second given and taken by loving children and beautiful grandchildren.

A new grandson announced by a phone call from Panama.

A family afar calls to open away to see grandchildren to long unseen.

A piano recital invite for a special grandchild.

Twenty-one Seconds…

Twenty-one seconds that will never be forgotten, for its engraved on my MP3 player of my heart.

The emotion of a glad heart, you know the feeling when you can’t breathe and your hands shake. You know the feeling; it only lasted twenty-one seconds, but will play for all eternity.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

To my Children and Grandchildren

Once upon a time in a land far off (much like our own), lived a young man or woman…

Not sure how to continue my book of the ages.

This book is a series of books or short essays about the rise and possible fall of man. My first in the series is about a young man around the age of 16 and sex. The title is: Sex and a young man; the body of the story goes like this: Chapter 1 – Sex and a 16 year old young man… there is none… Chapter 2 – End of story…

This is a short story for the first book in my series, but the second book is a lot like the first book in the set (by the way the binding on the book set is of pure gold and heavenly paper), the title is: Sex and a mature sixteen year old young woman. Chapter 1 – is like chapter one in the first book of my series and it has a very strong finish like chapter two in my fist book.

Now the larger of all three books (book # 3) in this set is the “crown” of the series, its’ longer and more detailed in all of the chapters. The title is: Boy meets special girl, // Chapter 1 – Boy meets girl // Chapter 2 – Boy is swept of his feet. // Chapter 3 – Girl is more beautiful than any angel too walk this earth. // Chapter 4 – Boy is lost to all of his friends… All he can see is this most beautiful girl, in every particle of light, in every flower from stem to petals of vast color that overwhelms both eyes and mind. // Chapter 5 – A silent quiet time of reflection by both the boy and the girl. // Chapter 6 – The moment... the boy kneels (something like that) // Chapter 6 – The answer… // Chapter 7 – The days of roses; planning, preparing, and enjoying the touch of a hand the power of a hug and a tender low voice of reassurance. // Chapter 8 – Temple ready… and temple sealed // Chapter 9 – That special moment, together for the first time. Boy see Girl, robed in a most beautiful "Temple Teddy", this special rob is only for a few eyes to see, its modest, it comes in only one color (white), its’ the most beautiful thing that this young man has ever seen his young woman wear… But this story does not end here; it has many more chapters that will go on for eternity.

What will the chapters be?

Love, a Dad and a Grandpa


Thursday, January 15, 2009

This one is for you

Hell-o Heather


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Husband's Confession

I’m in love with the woman across the hall…

This woman across the hall is a never ending light… (I can see light from across the hall all hours of the night).

She came to my door, early this week (I think for a cup of sugar…) what a light to my eyes that was, this beautiful blazing ray of light, filled the doorway, long before the morning sun.

Yes I’m in love with the woman across the hall

She lights the embers of my soul and she is the beacon for my direction in life, this woman from across the hall.

Like an angel sent from heaven, she is the host of my creation and the “light of Christ” in action, this woman from across the hall.

I am for ever lost in the warm light found in her eyes, when we meet in the hallway between our two doors.

Yes I will forever love, the woman across the hall.

I confess.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's About Time

A Time to Hope, a Time to Believe, and a Time to Pray:

When we stand on the edge of a great cliff and look down into a never ending pit of despair called financial abyss (Stock Market for short). We wonder about the old story about needing a fence at the top or ambulance at the bottom. Church leaders advise use to have no fear; we should “earn interest and not pay interest”. A save and pay model in fact is the best; build a “CASH” account here and now.

But we keep finding ourselves on the edge of that cliff, looking at that financial abyss. No money and many things. I am sure we will ascend to the top of that cliff many times before the crisis of the financial abyss is over (Some say 8 to 10 years), for us, for the nation, and the world (In just one 401K plan we have lost $1,200.00 in a week).

Time is so personal for each of us! God sets time in motion and then turns it over to us to manage. TIME is owned by each one of us and used in a different way.

Just look at the word, it just has “I” and “ME” not a WE or US in it.

If not managed in conjunction with our money and our life, TIME can lead us to debt and loss of family fiber that holds families together forever. Like our church leaders have stated “Have No Fear”.

Long ago at a very young age, I got a penny from my Dad. So I invested it, in a bubble gum machine and what I got out of it has been in the back of my mind ever since. On a little pace of paper that came with the bubble gum, was a saying. It said: Time marches on, so should you!

Take time and invest in fixable, accessible CASH, along with investments and like our church leaders have said – We Will “Have No Fear” – about our current financial abyss or the time to resolve the abyss – and any future abyss.

TIME is given by God – It’s a talent that should not be concealed. Take TIME to store up a little cash that is flexible and movable.

Hard times can build great family memoires and teachings about financial stabilities’ – Take some of Your TIME and teach the concept.

P.S. I wish this lesson was given to me, long before this time in my life. “Have No Fear”


Sunday, July 20, 2008

All Things Matter

It Was a Good Day:

It’s my feeling that I should be uplifting and therapeutic in the writing of this blog. I once heard from a great man that it’s better to see things as good, better, and best, with an eye toward the future.

Any way last week I resigned from my part time job with Colonial Management Group (CMG) a drug rehab program in Bountiful, Utah, were I was a dosing/medication nurse.

I resigned because I felt CMG had a Biblical management style: like in the Book of Genesis when God created Heaven, Earth, and Man in 6 days and then God asked is it good for man to be alone? God answered NO, but Colonial Management answered YES.

So for months Lucy and I the two nurses, slaved for Pharaoh (CMG), building a fortune of gold and silver. But being inspired by Moses, I ask Pharaoh (CMG) to let me GO.

So I can truly say…

I was burned-out, burned-up, and like in Moses time - I felt like a burnt offering; CMA has let me GO!

Yes I my wonder for a space of many days, but I will find my “promise-land”; which for me is more time with my family; being a husband, father, and grandpa.

From Good to Best, Thank You CMG

Until the next rain drop!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

So The Rain Begins!

My Words within a Sea of Conversations…

May my words like a great drop of rain from Heaven, drop into this Sea of Conversations and create an ever expanding ring of thought, until all the lands of this earth are touched by that ring.

I dedicate this Blog to Donna (My Wife and Best Friend) to my children; Heather, Jennifer, Tammy, Diana, and David; especially Diana, who challenged a special group of people to tell their stories to the world